Smart Energy Code Modification Proposal (SECMP)0009: Central Firmware Library

In a Change of Supplier (CoS) event, a Supplier becomes responsible for the maintenance of an asset and to ensure the latest version of firmware is in use. Prior to the agreed SECMP0009, there was no easy way for Suppliers to determine if the firmware was the latest version nor any applicable contact details for the manufacturer where it is not.

SECMP0009 proposed to establish a Firmware Information Repository (FIR) containing non-commercial data regarding firmware. Its aim was to allow a Supplier to easily identify the most recent firmware release for an asset, and which manufacturer to contact for updated versions.

The Firmware Library will sit alongside the Central Products List (CPL) and be updated concurrently.

The Authority determined the change be made on 3rd January 2019 with an implementation date of the 28th February 2019.