About the UKMF

UKMF was originally formed in 1997 under the auspices of the then Electricity Association. The forum is a trade association open to owners and operators of electricity and gas metering assets trading as Meter Service Providers (MSP’s).

It is primarily concerned with representing Members’ interests and communicating with UK and European legal metrology and regulatory bodies, industry working groups, data communications bodies, trade associations and standards bodies on technical and political matters.

The purpose of the Forum is to:

  • provide an opportunity for the discussion of matters relating to metering with a view to represent and pursue these interests as agreed by Members;
  • provide spokespersons to represent Members’ interests to relevant bodies;
  • provide opportunities for the exchange of information on technical, operational, safety or regulatory issues impacting metering business; and
  • promote or sponsor meetings, seminars, publications or other such activities as agreed by Members.

The secretariat of the UKMF and the services of a consultant are retained to assist Members in meeting these objectives.